D.I.Y Mosquito Repellent for Babies

Babies are so delicate. They can be easily attacked by mosquitoes and bugs. We have to protect them with proper mosquito repellent. But, on the other hands, we do not want to expose them with chemicals that might be dangerous for their skin and health.

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According to this reason, we can make our own natural mosquito repellent for babies. Here are some ingredients that might be useful for baby protection. Before use it, try first on one small part of the baby’s skin to make sure it will not irritating the skin.

Essential Oil Mixture

You may need these essential oils: 35 drops of citronella, 20 drops of eucalyptus, 15 drops of lemon, 15 drops of lemongrass, and 15 drops of cedar. You also need 1 ounce witch hazel and 1 ounce grape seed oil. Mix and shake well in a spray bottle, then you have your own mosquito repellent for babies.

Mixture with Apple Cider Vinegar

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You will need 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/3 cup witch hazel or cheap vodka, and 5 drops of citronella or eucalyptus essential oil. Mix and spray them well on baby’s skin.

Repellent from Leaves

Not only from oil, mosquito repellent for babies can also be made from leaves. Firstly, you need bay leaves, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, vegetable oil, and double boiler pan. Boil the ingredients in the double boiler pan for about 30 minutes. Cover the pan. Do not overcook! After that, put the herbs in a cheesecloth and squeeze them to get the extract. You may add other ingredients as the aroma, such as lemon and sweet orange.

The adventages of using D.I.Y natural mosquito repellent for babies

There are several advantages you can get by making your own mosquito repellent for babies. It is easy and very inexpensive with affordable ingredients you can get from your kitchen. Besides, it is quite safe for baby’s mild skin so you do not need to be worried about the irritation.

There are two types of mosquito repellent for babies you can use: spray and lotion, but they are mostly served as aerosol. Applying the mosquito repellent must not be overdone because it can irritate the skin.

The other way..

Instead of lotions and sprays, there are several things we can do to protect babies from mosquitoes. We can cover the baby’s skin by clothes with long sleeves, long pants, or blanket. We can also use mosquito net while they baby is asleep. Keep your house neat and clean to avoid mosquito live inside your house. Pay attention to small cracks and slits. Always inquire every member of the family about how to live healthily and be spared from insects bites.

Mosquito Repellent for Dogs Ideas

Spring and summer are good seasons for going out with pets, especially dogs. Walking out and feeling the warm breeze might be good for your dog’s health, too. But, in other side, spring and summer breeze are also the season for mosquitoes, fleas, and other bugs to spread around. They are everywhere! Most of dog owners become wary of letting dogs go around. But now, you do not have to! These are some tips for your daily routine to have mosquito repellent for dogs.

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Note Your Time

Notice the time when mosquitoes have their “rush hours”. Those are usually at dawn and dusk. They have greater population spreads everywhere. Do not go on those time to avoid their bites. This is the easiest way as the mosquito repellent for dogs.

Remove Stagnant Water

Stagnant water is the best place for mosquitoes to live and breed. Do not let them get a chance by removing stagnant water around your house so the probability of being bitten will be decreased. Water container should be closed during the day. By doing this routinely, you have made the mosquito repellent for dogs.

Do Not Let Any Slit or Crack

Do not even forget that mosquitoes are tiny little bugs with ability to fly anywhere. They can enter your house only via a crack or slit. Make sure your windows, doors, or any other slits closed tightly as your mosquito repellent for dogs. It can protect your dog from unexpected mosquitoes bites.

Mosquito Repellent for Dogs Products

You may use mosquito repellent products. There are many kinds of mosquito repellent products you can choose. Do not use human insect repellent for your dogs because it contains DEET which can cause seizures, vomiting, and skin irritation when exposed to dogs. You can use K9 AdvantixBio Spot, or selamectin (sold under the brand name Revolution) as your mosquito repellent for dogs. They can keep those mosquitoes away.

If you are too afraid to use chemicals, you can use these ingredients as your alternatives to make natural remedies.

Lemon eucalyptus oil

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This repellent has been registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It means this mosquito repellent has been reviewed and approved for safety. Based on a 2002 study in New England Journal of Medicine, lemon eucalyptus oil can provide 120.1 minutes protection more than other repellents.

Geranium oil and soybean oil

These oil mixture can be used with addition of coconut oil. It is available as a pet spray. Based on New England Journal of Medicine study, this repellent could provide 94.6 minutes of protection. You can get this at stores.


Citronella is usually used as mosquito-repellent candles. It should help in combination with other tropical repellent. Mother Earth News recommends a mix of 2.5 teaspoons total of any combination of these oils: basil, cedar wood, citronella, juniper, lemon, myrrh, palmarosa, pine, rose geranium and/or rosemary. Shake well, daub small amounts on your dog, and see how the mixture work as your mosquito repellent for dogs.

Effective Mosquito Repellent for Yard Tips

Sitting outside and taking the view of your yard or backyard is very peaceful. But, how if the beautiful view is bothered by mosquitoes? Here are some tips to keep your yard clean and neat without any disturbance from mosquitoes.

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Stagnant Water

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Mosquitoes are easy to live and breed everywhere, especially stagnant water. You can remove or reduce stagnant water at the yard. You can also tip every water container which has stagnant water, like plant saucers, bird baths, dog bowls, or other containers.

Watch this interesting and informative video about mosquito life cycle :

Do not forget to replace the water with the fresh one. Use “mosquito dunks” or natural bacteria such as Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) for permanent water like fish ponds to kill mosquito larvae. It kills larvae for 30 days in 100 square feet of stagnant water. It is safe for your fish, birds, and other animal. If you pay attention to those stagnant water every day, it will be a good mosquito repellent for yard.

Pay Attention to Your Items

There are a lot of items stored at the yard. One strategy to make mosquito repellent for yard is you have to make sure the items stored are only the items you need. Unused things, like old tires, old buckets, woods, clothes, and junks can be the place for mosquitoes to live. Remove them well or place them neatly.

Flip over the items that holds water when not in use. You can also cover your things with tarp to avoid rainfall. Make sure it is pulled tight because rainfall pools in the folds. Check your items regularly to keep them clean.

Candles, Foggers, and Sprays

This mosquito repellent for yard is already sold in many stores. One thing you have to know is the usage. For short-term control, you can use mosquito-repelling candles or foggers.

Mosquito-repellent candles are usually made from citronella oil, while mosquito-repellent foggers are powered by aerosol or propane. Even not effective on windy days, these candles and foggers can give mosquito protection for a few hours. Use them in proper amount and place around outdoor sitting areas. They will be good mosquito repellent for yard.

For long-term control, you can use insecticidal sprays such as cyfluthrin or lambda-cyhalothrin that has been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Apply them around patio spaces, decks, or siding. These chemicals can be good mosquito repellent for yard by giving protection for several weeks before re-application is needed. Other insecticides such as pyrethroid can works around trees, shrubs, and home. Use the sprays sufficiently as your mosquito repellent for yard.